J.H. Beall

St. John's College
Annapolis, MD.

This server contains the radiation safety briefing required to be read by Senior Laboratory Tutors and Laboratory Assistants. Please go to the following link to read the briefing:

Radiation Safety

There are also a few links to my astrophysics papers and essays on public policy. In addition, there is a paper on Leibniz's Monadology and that text's relation to non-locality in quantum mechanics.



astrophysics papers

Other than that, this website is used primarily for data exchange for my research projects. Other sites of interest on this sserver:

Link to the St. John's Observatory, Planetarium, and Foucault Pendulum home page

Link to Jim Beall's home page on thucydides.sjca.edu

Link to Jim Beall's home page

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You may contact me with any questions at: j-beall@sjca.edu

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